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Back to School Night is tonight at 6 pm.  Please join us with any questions you have. 


A walk-through of our school provides you with the chance to see our school "in action!" Call to let us know you'd like to come by. You can even bring your student so they can take a sneak peek at their classroom and teacher.


Tulare Christian School is an independent, non-denominational, parent-sponsored Christian school.

We believe a Christian school should have high academic standards, with each student being a good steward of the abilities God has given him. However, of greater importance is the spiritual growth of each child. If we educate only the mind and neglect the spiritual, we have failed. If we take care of the child's spiritual well-being, the academic falls right into line. The Bible, in a Christian school, is not just a subject, like reading or math. It should be the foundation of all learning. The application of God's Word should be emphasized. Students in a Christian school should show evidence of biblical teaching in their lives by the testimony of how they act in school and outside of the school setting.